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5 Songs To Discover In San Diego In July (KPBS Midday Edition Segments)

We’re listening to new music from Jelani Aryeh, Julianna Zachariou, Irenie, SD State of Mind anthology and Rain on Fridays. Plus, two upcoming shows, and a bonus cassette-only album of self-released San Diego bands.

Speaker 1: 00:00 With the return to live music in San Diego, many local bands will finally get to perform again for an audience on a stage this summer, joining me is KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans. To discuss some brand new music from some of San Diego’s local bands, including a few shows you might want to dust off your calendars as well as your headphones. Welcome Juliet.

Speaker 2: 00:24 Hi Maureen. Thanks for having me

Speaker 1: 00:26 Now. First up is Jelani RA and we’re all excited to kick off our KPBS summer music series later this month with Jelani. Julia, tell us about this track. You picked overexposed.

Speaker 2: 00:38 This is from his forthcoming album. I’ve got some living to do, which will be out July 30th. And I personally am pretty much in full Jelani REA hype mode right now. And so is the rest of the world. He’s getting about 1.2 million monthly streams on Spotify. So he is Filipino African-American and grew up in inland San Diego. It definitely brings a sensibility to his music of being kind of stifled by that suburban upbringing and a definite wisdom beyond his relative youth. But his music is really bright and refreshing, and I love the latest single overexposed. There’s tons of really rich texture and layered vocals, and it just feels really original it’s chock full of honest kind of questioning lyrics like the repeated first-line. Why do I do the things I do

Speaker 3: 01:31 Do the things, uh, do dwindling down with a clue, trying to find the clothes and exposed. And so, um, why do do the, uh, trying to find the clothes and, uh,

Speaker 1: 02:00 And so, um, overexposed by Jelani RA, and now we have a concert you’re excited about Julia and a brand new single from San Diego musician, Juliana, Zachary. You tell us about Becky

Speaker 2: 02:15 Zachary, who is also putting on the finishing touches to a new album, and she’s getting ready to headline at soda bar on July 24th. And she’s a somewhat recent transplant from Nashville. And I feel like we’re pretty lucky that we caught her, hear her music streaming and it’s inventive pop it’s really earnest and grounded as well as being kind of whimsical. And I find that this latest track Becky is just a really great love letter. So total image to the kind of love and romance, that’s really steadfast, like how magical some of the really mundane stuff could be like buying a carpet for your house is one of the lines in there. Indie fans should definitely have Juliana that Creo on their radars.

Speaker 3: 03:08 [inaudible] just the tip.

Speaker 1: 03:27 He is a new single from Juliana Zachary. You she’ll perform at soda bar on July 24th. Next is an older track night and day. Sometimes nonsense helps by Irenie who will perform this weekend at high tea, a fundraising gala from arts organization, the hill street country club. Tell us about this track.

Speaker 2: 03:49 This one is from 2018 by local singer songwriter. Ireni otherwise known as Irene west. And I love the sentiment here in this track that sometimes nonsense helps you get through some pretty bleak times. Her vocals are delicate, but also really strong at the same time. It’s a great balance. And she has a really impressive range and just really creative songwriting and production. And yeah, she will be part of the lineup for high tea in Oceanside that’s on Sunday, the 11th, the sacred souls will also be performing at that show as well as a bunch of would it be, would it be true

Speaker 1: 04:50 That’s night and day sometimes nonsense helps by Irenie SD state of mind. Volume one is a new compilation of local hip hop acts. Tell us about this and Julia, which track you picked.

Speaker 2: 05:03 Yeah, it’s an anthology with 16 new tracks from some of San Diego’s best hip hop artists. The entire album is great. Start to finish. There’s a ton of variety, and they’re also having an album release show on July 14th at the Casbah, including some open mic time before and after the main show. And it was really hard to pick a standout track. So I just kind of went for the one with the most contributors. It’s like an all-star batting lineup. This one is for the culture. It’s a remix of a track from a few years ago with Kali and Ralph quasar also featuring Rick scales, Cali, the dreamer real J Wallace, Mickey Vale, Apollo, and Beto Perez. Each artist here really brings their own style to their clip, but it never feels disjointed. There’s this hypnotic refrain and some melodic flourishes. They really unify the whole song. And I’m partial to rapper Mickey Vale’s kind of rye comparison to kombucha. I love the original version of the song that was from last fall that this remix feels just as essential

Speaker 4: 06:10 Future oh, emotion. I’m like kombucha. I grew up with the culture. You still live in with your mama. So you do it for exposure to all these pay to play promoters. Got me losing my composure as the state of mind. Pam always show him love. When I pull up to the jams, they treat me like the star. So I signed like a prison, got bars and bars, the Palm bars prison, but that’s

Speaker 1: 06:32 The culture remix from SD state of mind anthology. The album release show will take place Wednesday, July 14th at the Casbah and now for a female fronted emo rock band. Tell us about rain on Fridays.

Speaker 2: 06:48 These are two young women out of Solana beach, and they just released a new track a few weeks ago called no feet mailman. It’s a little bit absurd and a little bit fun, but it’s also kind of sad, but I really love their kind of irreverent girl rock that always works and ran on Fridays. We’re doing a tennis shows, right when the pandemic hit and they recently recorded a fresh squeezed live session. And you can watch that on YouTube for now to hold you over until they start performing again. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 07:40 No feat mailman by rain on Fridays. You can find links to listen to each of these tracks, plus a Spotify [email protected] And I’ve been speaking with KPBS arts editor and producer, Julia Dixon, Evans, and Julia as always. Thank you so much. Thank you, Marie.