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Opinion: Plan to keep Diablo Canyon open deserves support

Re “Newsom’s Diablo Canyon nuclear deal calls for special scrutiny by California Legislature” (Aug. 19): I support the Union-Tribune editorial, if that’s what it takes to extend the life of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.

And let’s give Gov. Newsom some credit for recognizing that the “renewable” energy solution that the California Legislature has directed may have many pitfalls.

First, the unprecedented use of batteries for energy storage. The obvious availability-of-resources question that arises, the cost, the safety, etc., all have to be considered.

These, on top of the fact that energy has to be stored daily, using much more solar than we have now, and this is all dependent on the weather. Definitely a factor in grid stability management.

On the other hand, the many terawatt hours of dispatchable energy stored in the nuclear fuel of the two 1,100 megawatt nuclear reactors at Diablo Canyon provides electricity for more than a year without refueling — with no carbon emissions, and a known record of electric power availability.

Dale Pfremmer


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