Opinion: San Diego County eviction ban unfair to businesses, military families

New ordinance hurts our military families

Re “San Diego officials pass eviction ban and rent cap“ (May 5): Democrats on the San Diego Board of Supervisors voted against military families in their approval of the new countywide ordinance that goes into effect in early June. The ordinance blocks homeowners from moving back into their own home by removing a renter, now allowed by law.

So let me get this straight: a service member receives orders to a new duty station and must move his or her family back to San Diego where he or she already owns a home. The family has their home rented out while stationed out of the area.

With exorbitant rents and lack of housing here, the service member would not be allowed to move back into his or her own home. Don’t our military families deserve better than this?

Andrea Ryon

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County singles out one business sector for punishment

Thank you for your coverage of the county eviction ban and rent freeze ordinance.

Whereas most businesses in the county are finally getting relief from COVID-19 related restrictions, the county Board of Supervisors has just doubled down to press a heavy knee on the neck of the rental housing industry.

William Darnall
North City