Opinion: San Diego reacts to the leak of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision

Re “Report: Court poised to overturn Roe” (May 3): Although I disagree with God-fearing individuals who fervently oppose abortion, I can intellectually understand their motivation — to save the babies.

What I can’t understand is their hypocritical position to abandon those children once birthed. These same people oppose many social programs supporting poor children, such as adequate child care, food security and foster care. Where did their stated need to ensure the sanctity of life — especially in Texas, having the highest rate of executions in the U.S. — disappear to?

And don’t get me started on the newer justices who clearly stated in confirmation hearings that Roe v. Wade is settled law. They are card-carrying members of the mass of hypocrites.

Diana Francis

If Roe v. Wade is overturned as expected, the only winners will be the back-alley abortion providers. How many women will be risking their lives with these people?

Mike Reardon

In 1973, options for birth control were limited and unreliable. That is no longer the case. There is more education available regarding reproductive health. Women have many choices and they are also free of charge to those in financially depressed situations.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade does not mean abortions will no longer be available. The issue will revert to the states. While pro-abortion advocates picket and shout, we pro-life advocates are overjoyed. Babies have a right to live, even if they are an inconvenience. Open arms are waiting.

Penni Wilson-Neely

If abortion again becomes a crime, it will continue but at great risk and expense. Some women and girls will die. All girls who reach sexual maturity and women not yet of menopause age should practice birth control 100 percent of the time, since pregnancy from incest and rape can happen at any time. Since sex with men is obviously the cause of pregnancy, some women may refuse to marry or have sex with men.

Don’t have an abortion if you don’t think it is moral. Allow the rest of the women and their partners to make their own choices based on their own health, finances, religious beliefs and personal life circumstances. Making abortion illegal makes unwanted pregnancy involuntary servitude.

Those who oppose abortion rarely offer to pay for raising those children from unplanned, unwanted pregnancies. Instead those mothers are called welfare queens or promiscuous. Butt out of women’s private lives.

Karen Seal Stewart

The Supreme Court may soon decide that abortion is not a protected right. One of the reasons cited is that it is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution.

Some of the rights not specifically mentioned in the Constitution are interracial marriage, LGBT rights, Title IX and gay marriage. How long before the rights fall victim to the whims of the Supreme Court?

John E. Gahan
Mira Mesa

The only members of the Supreme Court who should decide the legality of Roe v. Wade are the females.

Elizabeth Lunn
Serra Mesa

It appears that both Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch convinced senators that they would not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade to help get votes for the Supreme Court. Now it’s reported that they will ignore their assurances and vote to repeal.

This is a real problem. How can we have any faith in the Supreme Court when people are either lying to or misleading senators to get a lifetime position on the court? If they do vote to repeal Roe v. Wade, there should be an investigation into what they told senators, and if they lied or misled them, they need to be removed from the court.

Robert Kuharski
Rancho Peñasquitos

I am adopted. I was a choice. Twice.

Jo Rankin
North Park

What has become of “our” Supreme Court? For those who consider themselves constitutionalists, I ask: Who were the “Founding Fathers”? White men. Were there any “Founding Women” who might have been allowed to bring up the idea of a woman’s right to her own body?

Men would not consider such an idea because it doesn’t affect them personally and isn’t life-altering. Women were discriminated against then and it appears, 200 years later, they will continue to be. Does anyone really think women did not try to abort an unwanted pregnancy 200 years ago? A majority White, male, Catholic Supreme Court. Where is our diversity? More women, people of mixed race and mixed religious beliefs would seem the most just for all people.

Kim Godwin
Del Mar

At a time when inflation roars, gas prices roar, the southern border is erased and we flirt with war in Eastern Europe, I do not care about Roe v. Wade.

The women of California will always be able to get an abortion here.

The Supreme Court wants to return the abortion conundrum to the states where it belongs as per the 10th Amendment.

We have other things to worry about.

Paul B. Evans
Valley Center

I do not understand why any woman would want to limit her ability to choose — especially when women have the power to protect this ability by voting against any politician who supports it.

Even more important is that studies have shown that legalized abortion (Roe v. Wade) significantly reduced crime rates. It makes sense that unwanted children are likely to have more problems.

If some states abolish abortion, it will likely result in strained resources to support the unwanted children and additional crime as these children become adults. These states will likely request additional federal funds, and we will all end up paying for their bad decision.

Ronald Harris
Scripps Ranch

Let us not forget that the forthcoming decision overturning Roe v. Wade — now in process in a leaked draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito — is only possible because we have three justices on the Supreme Court who lied under oath to get onto the court. Justices Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and Alito actually lied under oath in their confirmation hearings, and Gorsuch and Barrett carefully dodged the question about how they would respect Roe as settled law. This court is thus not only out of touch with the beliefs of most Americans, it is also deceitful and corrupt.

The Supreme Court is clearly not serving the interests of integrity, legal process or the interests of America. Make no mistake, this decision makes all pregnant women wards (perhaps better called “victims”) of the state, unable to protect their health or their interests.

Robert Benson
Mission Valley

Rather than investigate the source of a leaked document that reveals the possible overturning of “established, settled law” in Roe v. Wade, Congress must investigate the sitting justices for possible perjury. Of all the employees in the federal government, those seated on the highest court of the land ought to be above reproach.

Yet a few Supreme Court justices seem to have obscured their true views while testifying in Congress, which is illegal. No one is above the law. Perjury is a felony and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, especially for those who hold esteemed positions in this land of liberty.

Sarah Turitto

So the leaked document showing us the plan of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade is real. With Supreme Court nominees apparently lying when questioned by the Senate, it tells us that they are unabashed liars! They fooled senators to vote for them, when all the while they were wolves in sheep’s clothing.

When 70 percent or so of the American public support abortion, who are these individuals to go against the majority of us? This system of hearings and meetings of candidates for the Supreme Court is obviously flawed, and can be taken advantage of by people of low moral standards and values.

If we can no longer believe in the word of the candidates, what are we left with?

Time for a change! Add three new justices and put a limit on their time on the court.

G.D. Morrill

The Republican Party has taken control of the U.S. Supreme Court, once the most respected institution in the “checks and balances” system of American government. Now the Supreme Court has become an embarrassing, right-wing sham.

When that court indicated it would choose to make all women second-class citizens by removing their right to decide whether and when to bear children, it rang the death knell of the Republican Party.

In 2022, the strong majority of Americans who support the right of both women and men to choose if and when they want to bring children into the world will not accept this archaic, fundamentalist ruling.

And they, Republicans and Democrats alike, will vote out of office all who would deny this basic right.

Charles Perkins
La Mesa