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Opinion: San Diego spending more on ill-advised Ash Street efforts

Re “Gloria seeks $2M more in spending on Ash St.” (April 12): It’s not hard to see why.

The money would not only cover legitimate labor costs, but also would help bail out himself and City Council cohorts who — without an independent evaluation — approved the ill-advised recommendation of a now-departed real estate expert that a $10,000 power wash would have the 19-story Sempra Energy building ready for occupancy.

Dale Rodebaugh

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Instead of pouring more taxpayer money into the old Sempra building, the mayor and council members should just tear it down and either sell or rebuild. If they decide to rebuild, it could be designed and built to accommodate all the city departments that are spread out through Downtown so that they would be under one roof and closer to the civic center for more effective contact with needed assistance from other departments.

Not only would it save in rent but cut down on traffic to and from one office to the next, and to recover the costs of rebuilding, they could sell the surplus properties to a developer for low-income housing or replacement of older city facilities that need renovating.

Gary Colborn