Opinion: San Diego’s Downtown homelessness crisis was on display during Padres’ postseason run

San Diego’s tourism business is put at risk

Re “If you ran San Diego, how would you address homelessness?” (Oct. 21): Due to the aggressive, omnipresent unhoused in San Francisco, we no longer travel there. It just isn’t fun.

If city leaders in San Diego don’t address this issue, we will also lose our tourist industry.

We walked extensively in Downtown during the recent Padres games. The unhoused dominate many of the sidewalks. Humane, thoughtful solutions are needed — but they are needed right now.

Richard A. Brown

Del Mar

Stopping homelessness is a smarter approach

Re “County Supervisor Fletcher proposes data-driven homeless prevention plan” (Oct. 24): Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s proposal to use data to identify people who are in danger of becoming homeless — before they become homeless — should be supported.

There is far too much magical thinking involved in most approaches to addressing homelessness; preventing homelessness will move the discussion back to using well-tested approaches to helping the working poor.

It will also allow resources to be focused on people who actually live in the county.

Austin Gallaher

Pacific Beach

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