Opinion: So what exactly does Donald Trump stand for?

Re “Trump to GOP: Support candidates who ‘stand for our values’” (June 6): The article mentioned Donald Trump wanting “to support those candidates who support his values.” The question is, “What are those values?”

Is it denigrating, demeaning, and mocking anyone who disagrees with you? Is it creating a toxic, poisonous atmosphere whereby everyone in your orbit becomes corrupt? Is it telling lies and never admitting you are wrong? Is it being expedient, pretending to back a cause (such as abortion) just so you can win over people to support you?

Or is it saying one thing (such as, “Blue Lives Matter”) then not condemning those who beat up Capitol Police with flagpoles and hockey sticks?

For those Trump supporters who have children and grandchildren, you have to wonder if those behaviors and values are what they want their offspring to emulate. If so, our country is on its way to becoming a morass of abusiveness, corruption and deception.

Angela Tilaro
San Marcos

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This month I will be 97 years old. I have voted Republican in all presidential elections except for the last two. I could not vote for Donald Trump.

I have lived through many presidents and watched many congressional debates fought, but much of the time consensus was reached by working across the aisle. I do not see much of this happening with this Congress. I don’t recall so much “heated” animosity.

It seems our country is moving backwards. States are limiting our voting rights and I think the Supreme Court is once more going to revisit the Roe vs. Wade decision. Also, it is extremely unfortunate that the senators are so intimidated by Trump that they seem afraid to vote for a bipartisan investigation into the insurrection of Jan. 6. Our democracy is on a “slippery slope.” We must all be aware. Watch who you vote for and what they really stand for.

Lois Sheldon