Opinion: State needs more reservoir storage to fight drought

Re Newsom launches effort to deal with drought; emergencies declared in two counties (April 23): Once again, California Democrats are wasting money on so-called drought preparation.

Little money for additional reservoirs is hardly drought preparation. Decade after decade we ignore the obvious answer — store more water in good times for the bad times.

Ed Thacher
Valley Center

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Once again, our State leaders are taking a short sighted approach to the drought conditions in our state. They are planning on spending $3.4B on anything but the building of more reservoirs to collect rain water and snow melt that finds its way into the ocean.

This continued lack of long range solutions will cause this state to always have water issues.

Joe Oviatt
San Marcos

Re “California drought declaration is a difficult dance” (April 23): I am happy to see that you gave some ink to the drought, but the ink you used was whitewash. We are hardly, “well positioned.”

Maybe for this year, but it is not sustainable. Simple search will find that about a million more people will be here in San Diego County by 2050. It is unlikely in the extreme that new water sources will be found. Another pipeline to the Colorado isn’t going to get the river to produce more water.

Toilet to Tap will help and seven more desal plants would get us to 2050. But after that? We need to seriously look at how to minimize the 35% increase in people.

Gregg Ferry