Opinion: The San Diego area needs new kinds of roads

Re “How one street in PB is driving the debate” (Oct. 18): Once upon a time, a long time ago, the important people of the land drew a line around a huge swath of chapparal bordering the Pacific Ocean and called it San Diego.

The scrubby chapparal was paved. Yellow lines were striped. And car-roads were born. To get from homes to businesses, one traveled on car-roads.

Then, many decades hence, the coronavirus ravaged the planet and folks were stuck at home. What should we do, they wondered? The answer was clear.

They began to walk; they began to cycle; they met their neighbors; they exercised; they breathed clean air, and they started to speak up. We don’t want car-roads only.

We want walk-roads and bike-roads and skate-roads. Diamond Street was born. May it live forever in its new incarnation.

Judy Berlfein


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Our car-centric society needs to diversify to match the plethora of low speed vehicles, skates and sneakers being used for local mobility. The Diamond Street “experiment” in Pacific Beach needs to be embraced by the city with additional signage, barriers and infrastructure to provide additional confidence to those who still don’t see the benefits of these types of alternative routes to desired destinations.

When we think about the state’s accessory dwelling unit incentives to increase housing density in existing urban environments, our need to stop building housing tracts on wildland interfaces due to wildfire considerations, it seems more people will be living and mobilizing in urban environments.

Society is changing and so must our past, “one size fits all” mobility solutions mantra. Diversity should also include our mobility options. Especially after we need new gas pumps, once again to handle $10-plus-per-gallon prices. Come on San Diego, lead don’t follow.

Richard Morgal

Pacific Beach