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San Diegans are running out of ways to cut water use

Re “Newsom declares statewide drought emergency, urges California to conserve water” (Oct. 19): What are we who have been cutting for years to do? We have a front yard of non-watered turf.

The low-flow toilets and shower heads are in. We don’t wash cars, the sidewalk or the patio at all. We flush every other use of the toilet. The authorities should have seen this coming, along with the rise in population. Only one desalination plant has been built. Food producers cannot cut back anymore. Wildlife cannot survive any more cutbacks.

What are we all to do?

David Powell
Mira Mesa

Here’s an idea. Let all those emerald green lawns at business complexes around the county dry out so we homeowners can water vegetable gardens and the parks can stay green for our kids. Seems like a simple solution.

Eva Shaw

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