San Diego Padres unveil colorful City Connect uniforms

The San Diego Padres released MLB’s newest and perhaps loudest City Connect uniforms Friday.

With a blend of neon pink and green sleeves, a yellow trim and green hat, the jerseys bring a lot of flash.

The color scheme pays tribute to the vibrant landscape of San Diego and Baja California, the ocean and pink and yellow sunsets.

A slogan said by third baseman Manny Machado in the promotional video was, “Two cities, two cultures, one team,” showing love to Padres supporters south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

The promo video includes shots of lowriders, surfers and skateboarders, including Carlsbad native Tony Hawk wearing the uniform.

Padres fans seem to have liked what they saw based on videos of the team shop.

Of course, some took to Twitter to poke fun at just how colorful the jerseys are, comparing them to images of the upcoming Barbie movie and a can of Arizona iced tea.

All five National West teams have unveiled or played in their City Connect jerseys.

The Padres will wear the uniforms every home game for the rest of the season.

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