San Diego Queen Eileen’s Gift Baskets Finds Historic Mural on Store Wall – NBC 7 San Diego

An Encinitas gift store has been a staple among San Diegans for over 30 years, and when the owner decided to remodel the place, she found a hidden gem on a wall.

Queen Eileen’s Gift Baskets along the Coast Highway 101 was undergoing a remodel when owner “Queen” Eileen Burke stumbled upon a historic Coca-Cola mural.

The mural features the brand’s iconic character “Sprite Boy.” Instead of painting over it, she decided to incorporate it into her store’s new design.

“We were kind of like, ‘Oh, let’s go in this direction, make it a little more retro.’ I think the new kind of vibe of Queen Eileen’s is a cross between a three-ring circus and anthropology. It’s pretty fun,” Burke said.

Burke believes the mural was painted back in the 1940’s when the building was originally a hardware store.

The mural debuted in the store’s soft reopening on Saturday where Coca-Colas were given out to all customers.