San Diego sports bars welcoming back customers at full capacity as NFL season kicks off

SAN DIEGO — Football is officially back and sports bars across San Diego are excited to be hosting customers at full capacity after a year of restrictions.

Compared to last year, one of the main differences the sports bars are seeing is people. After months of serving to-go orders due to COVID lockdowns, they are excited to be hosting in-house.

“Last year, I remember we did some outside, but it’s no comparison to have a full restaurant,” said Michael Feldman, manager of Dirty Birds Bar and Grill. “Everybody here just yelling and screaming and having a good time, no comparison, it’s good to be back to close to normal.”

During the pandemic, the sports bar was mainly serving their customers to-go. Feldman now says they are at full capacity. 

“It’s kind of figuring out, almost like reopening again for football and getting a feel for how it’s going to work with a patio versus what we did have before,” he said.

As COVID cases continue to rise, Feldman says there are options for customers who want to keep their distance.

“We still have some different options in terms of different tables, sitting outside is obviously a big difference, which makes people much more comfortable,” he said. 

Feldman says their customers’ safety is still their number one concern. 

“We still, you know, wiping and sanitizing down the beer menus that we have, the QR codes and the tables,” he said. 

With this year’s Super Bowl taking place in Los Angeles on Feb. 13, Feldman says he is going to go with Kansas City as his Super Bowl prediction.