Storm soaks San Diego’s inland valleys and mountains but ignores coast

A weak Pacific storm dropped significant rain in the eastern half of San Diego County before dawn on Sunday, but largely ignored the coast. It also generated powerful winds in some areas.

The winds will return before dawn on Monday. The Santa Anas will hit roughly 25 mph in areas like Ramona and El Cajon and about 30 mph in the foothills and valleys, says the National Weather Service.

A high surf advisory will expire at 11 a.m. on Monday as the south swell that pounded beaches over the weekend starts to fade.

Sample of rainfall totals through 5 a.m. Sunday:

Palomar Mountain: 0.88 inches
Lake Cuyamaca: 0.69 inches
Volcan Mountain: 0.62 inches
Julian: 0.55 inches
Henshaw Dam: 0.48 inches
Alpine: 0.44 inches
Mt. Woodson: 0.42 inches
Ramona: 0.26 inches
San Diego Country Estates: 0.20 inches
Santee: 0.16 inches
San Diego International Airport: 0.06 inches
Encinitas: 0.06 inches
Carlsbad Airport: 0.04 inches

Sample of peak wind speeds throughs 6:42 a.m. Sunday
Cuyamaca Peak: 77 mph
Volcan Mountain: 73 mph
Mount Laguna Observatory: 60 mph
Ranchita: 45 mph
Borrego Valley Airport: 44 mph
Anza Borrego Desert Park: 40 mph
Big Black Mountain: 36 mph
North Descanso: 35 mph

Source: NWS