String of slashings leave Bankers Hill residents on high alert

SAN DIEGO — The holiday weekend came with a string of tire slashings in Bankers Hill, impacting more than a dozen cars in total and leaving neighbors on high alert.

“Every car had two tires two flat tires and so generally have one spare. which put everybody in a tough spot,” neighbor Aaron Quintanar said.

Up and down a few blocks of 6th Avenue between Fir Street and Hawthorne Street, tire after tire was slashed. Overnight Sunday, eight cars were affected with a total of 16 tires slashed. 

Quintanar lives nearby in Bankers Hill. His car was spared Sunday night, but the next night he wasn’t so lucky. 

“I thought the first night was something random it wouldn’t happen again, but unfortunately that next morning there were four more cars and mine was one of them,” he said.

The same unusual pattern has continued, too, with two tires slashed on the passenger side of a vehicle facing Balboa Park along 6th Avenue. Neighbors don’t know who might be responsible, but those who have lived there for decades say they’ve witnessed a lot of effort from local law enforcement and community groups to engage with the homeless population. 

“We’re all pretty tolerant of where we live we understand you know we’re near downtown and kind of a transient population,” Quintanar said. “We are all pretty progressive and understanding of folks that having a tough time, but it’s just not a good feeling.”

Quintanar is hoping to increase community awareness and hopefully get the attention of city officials for more resources in the area. 

San Diego police confirm they have several reports of tire slashings. They say they are looking into it, but have no further details to share.