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Your Opinions: San Diego cities must require electric-only buildings

Re “San Diego leaders vow to get tough on climate after years of delays and lawsuits” (July 17): We must electrify our buildings.

Extensive heat waves are everywhere, California and Oregon are battling forest fires, and it is not even fire season yet. Germany is experiencing extreme flooding. These severe weather patterns make it clear that we must address climate change immediately.

Scientists say we must stop burning fossil fuels and instead turn to renewables like solar and wind for electricity.

Throughout California, 44 cities have enacted ordinances to partially or fully restrict the use of natural gas in new buildings. Recently, SanDiego350 gathered a group of 24 organizations into the San Diego Building Electrification Coalition.

Coalition volunteers have met with elected officials in several cities, and in the county, to advocate for all-electric ordinances for new buildings. Encinitas is now poised to be the first city in San Diego County to enact a strong ordinance.

Let’s hope other cities in our region follow suit.

Ann Feeney
Del Mar

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